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Please Note: As we stated on our home page:

Our TouringTools 2015 v1.0.0 Software Is now available for download!

Regarding Wardrobe-Assistant, Wardrobe-Planner, Wardrobe-Manager and Wardrobe-Companion within this TouringTools Demo:

WardrobeTools 2015 is contained within this TouringTools Demo.

A stand-a-lone WardrobeTools 2015 demo is available at WardrobeTools Download Site

There are two Operating System versions of TouringTools 2015 v1.0.0 and WardrobeTools 2015:
  1. Window OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 and higher
  2. Mac OSX (Lion and higher)

All data files associated with any of the above listed OS versions are cross-compatible. This means that they can be copied/moved between computers of a different OS and function just fine without data conversion!

Have a tour coming up soon and need to get up to speed on TouringTools? Call or email us and request a free Webinar to get you up and running quickly!

A Registration/Login system is in place in order to access the Demo downloads!


Go here: to Register or Login and download


The registration process requires you to enter a valid email address. You will immediately be sent an automatic email with a URL (hyperlink) that you must click on in order to active your registration and allows you to login and download the software. Why? There are two major reasons for this:

  1. I take great pride in this software. I update help files, fix bugs (should any be found by myself or other users) and need to notify you as such. (Understand that I will never give out your info to anyone)

  2. There have been many attempts by unscrupulous individuals to de-compile my software for their own gain.

So, the point is: If you have a problem with registering with a real email address, then I have a problem with you using my software! .... 'nuff said.


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